The Cast

11865358_958069320922598_3896438082320007362_o   Dan Butler (Kevin Fleer, principal of the Parmalee School)

JWdopWYJOVuO_oe4ASWhHkLUBQIqtHWvna8Lh7hXyqw   Faith Catlin (Aggie Pennington; citizen-at-large, Parmalee, VT)

11825795_958068187589378_7841869682040827904_n   Gordon Clapp (Chief Karl Parmalee; peace officer, Parmalee, VT)

11885172_957596640969866_7114972756853563662_n   Caitlin Clouthier (Lilly Beaton; teacher, Parmalee School)

Melissa at Ray Pic copy   Melissa Cooper (Suzanne, formerly married to Guy Hemenway)

Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 3.28.21 PM   Brian Johnston (Guy Hemenway, podcaster of “The Papa Project”)

11890966_961431090586421_7253547002820089639_n   Suzy Hunt (Anna Jarvis; owner Situational Cleaners, LLC)

11873446_957535894309274_7501261186935256510_n   Patrick McCarthy (Marty Devereaux; mechanic, Hemenway Auto)

11870908_957535874309276_2545909835910907051_n   Graham Powell (Aaron Devereaux; journalist; Marty’s brother)

imgres   Marisa Smith (Ms. Minton; Supt of Schools, Upper Valley Dist., VT)

11035735_957596567636540_1264962856359962968_n   Chris Ryan (Ernie Hemenway ; son of Guy & Suzanne Hemenway; owner Hemenway Auto)

IMG_0398   Gillian Tyler (Mae Devereaux, foster mother for Aaron & Marty)

static1.squarespace   Richard Waterhouse (John Gallatano, dir. Parmalee Players)



(l-r, Jack Lynch, Noah Taylor, Linus Mayo, Pierre Mayo)

Jack Lynch (Sean), Noah Taylor (Conner), Linus Mayo (Jacob), Pierre Mayo (Travis)


Perry Allison, Felix DiGeorge, John Dunham, Margaret Finely, Ian Henry, Juliet Kelly, Duncan Mackintosh, Daniel Osofsky